Scrapping Whispers

Winter Wonderland Spreads

It was the middle of winter and snow was all about, covering lawns and walkways and even the street. It was a heavy fall typical of our region. While we don’t like shoveling snow to free the car from the driveway, we do like a great day of snow tubing with the kids. We read the reviews and bought a new snow tube to replace the old worn out one. We also found suggestions for new places to practice this sport. Our heart is always in it. We bundle up so we don’t feel the cold. Who doesn’t like whizzing through the snow at a respectable speed. We always look forward to this trip. We take lots of photos for scrapbooking so we can select the best. Everyone gets into the picture. It is a family album that chronicles our lives. No one gets left out. I am in charge of making sure of that.

My scrapbooks cover a year or more so no two pages are alike. Yes, I have seasonal offerings but I vary the look of these pages with different cut outs and lettering. I am working now on winter wonderland spreads. I will use fir trees with branches dipped in snow, a deep blue sky, and rolling hills of white splendor. The pictures are interspersed strategically on these pages. Winter offers so much in the way of imagery. You can have scenes of the park off season or interior shots by the fireplace. Candles are symbols of winter warmth as our quilts and cushions.

Sometimes the kids want to get into the act and cut up colored paper for me as background. They cut the tubing photos to zero in on the people. It is a picture of fun and frolic and the scrapbook page radiates love. They are getting pretty good at it and have a good eye for composition and placement. That is the key to good scrapbooking. You have to have a sense of artistry to create a unique page that tells a story about a time and a place. Of course they have seen dozens of my scrapbooks over the years. They are a true archive of our family and we love going back over them from time to time. They contain our history in an artful way. There is nothing more creative than scrapbooking. Never think of just pasting pictures in a row. That is a dull way to go. Use your ingenuity to fabricate a storybook feeling. As the family grows and expands, so will the scrapbook collection. I keep them all in a special place in the den in a bookcase. Then anyone can go and look at will. Right now we are absorbed by the newest one and it is only half finished. Remember, we took a break and went snow tubing for a day! Soon the book will move on to spring and summer and the images will be completely different. A new page or two will be born.