Scrapping Whispers

Unique Page for a Unique Friend

No doubt you share my passion for scrapbooking if you have landed on this blog page. I have tips and tricks to share and no doubt I could learn from you. But, together, let’s celebrate this new art and spread the word about something both fun and challenging at the same time. I say this because it takes patience and the right tools to do a great job and avoid mere journeyman’s work. You want your work to be imaginative and not run of the mill. Each effort must be unique and appropriate to the occasion. For example, I want to do a one-page layout for a friend to show her love of hunting in a series of personal photos. I like to use cut-outs and stickers to enhance the look. You can make them yourself or buy them in kits. Don’t feel that it isn’t creative to use them because it is a great way to start out and get a feel for the craft.

My skills go way back to my time as a child exploring the attic and finding my grandmother’s old scrapbook. What a revelation. You want your own to be this memorable to your offspring and future generations. Every era has its own style and it is time to create yours and make it distinctive. You are making a scrapbook for others to view to stimulate nostalgia. I see them as future historical relics. Imagine that! Right now, it is a fun pastime and a way to keep your mementos intact. Gone are the days of boxes of assorted items in no particular order. While we do keep our photos in libraries on our computers, it is in no way as much fun as viewing an artful scrapbook.

Now back to my friend’s page. Actually, it is a gift for her scrapbook so it has to be extra special. She has given me all sorts of images from which I can select the best. I arrange them in a collage design overlying some animal print background paper. This makes the central focus of her experience the highlight of the page while the theme is reiterated in the details. I work extra hard to make it attractive and perfect. I want it to be a pleasant surprise. When finished, I am going to frame it so it stays pristine until she inserts it into her scrapbook or puts it on the wall.

Ever inventive, I buy a magnetic frame with a secret display place in mind. As a huntress, she often cleans her guns, taking her to the gun safe in the basement. She told me she bought it from here: I see her descending to get ready for the upcoming trip and noticing something attached to the side. There will be my scrapbook page in its frame winking at her like a beacon of love. She will utter a sigh of pleasure as she notices who it is from. She will call me in a flash and thank me profusely. It will be an utter joy to hear her reaction.