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The Future of Scrapbooking

The Future of Scrapbooking

While some people who love scrapbooks maintain that there is only one type of scrapbook, I’ve never believed that. I always consider digital scrapbooks to be true scrapbooks. Being on the technology lover side of the issue, I have to wonder what is going to happen to scrapbooks now.

I think it will be interesting when we are actually capable of applying virtual reality to scrapbooks. For all we know, the scrapbooks of the future will partly contain holograms, or they will partly involve holograms. I think that’s pretty exciting.

It’s also possible that material science will change, and people will be able to add things to their scrapbooks that they never had before this point. I have scrapbooks that are full of little plastic decorations. Plastic wasn’t even invented until the 1950s, and my random scrapbook about this house I once lived in would look like it was from the space age to someone from the 1940s. I, for one, hope there are space age scrapbooks one day.

The subjects of scrapbooks will change of course. There weren’t as many scrapbooks about college graduations before the days in which almost everyone went to college, for instance. Maybe people will one day make scrapbooks that are all about like on Mars or life aboard a space station. I tend to think that’s pretty exciting.