Scrapping Whispers

Taking Care of Family

A person who enjoys scrapbooking, also enjoys documenting family life on a regular basis. They don’t want important good times to slip through the cracks. Being domestic and wanting to take care of family go hand in hand, don’t you think. Of course, taking care of one’s family entails far more than placing photos artfully in an album. There is a myriad of responsibilities. I, for one, am in charge of my ailing grandmother who hasn’t been doing well since she transitioned to a new blood pressure medication. My job is to take her blood pressure daily and enter it into a log so I can report back to the doctor on the efficacy of the drugs. We have changed her prescription numerous times making this a very important task. I am happy to be the one to help.

It is important to get an accurate reading with your blood pressure cuff. Sphygmomanometers are the device most often used in the traditional form since you get clear and easy-to-read displays. They are of durable construction compared to other gauges. I know the wrist models are getting popular. They go on with a bit of Velcro, you position an image of the heart at a certain point in the wrist, and you press a button for a digital reading. Professionals use the larger units for their quality and reliability. They can choose between a cotton version or a nylon blood pressure cuff. You want it to be latex free for allergy purposes. Just be sure to buy a reputable manufacturer so you are guaranteed of longevity and accuracy. You want one that is suitable for your particular healthcare setting. If you get one of the newer designs, you will be ahead of the curve. In any case, use something comfortable for a senior citizen. You won’t want to have to keep repeating the measurement if you are not doing it right. Have someone show you how to take a blood pressure reading at least one time.

At first I tried a couple of different units and took ten readings over the course of a day. I compared the results with the different brands looking for repetitive accuracy. My grandmother is super important to me and I don’t want to be party to any mistakes in judging her medication. I am thrilled when I see her rally and she is able to assist me with my scrapbooking because she feels up to it. She is a great judge of what photos should be included and what decorative artwork should surround them. She remembers all the major family events and has a wonderful story to tell about so many. We sit together, once the blood pressure duty is over, and talk about the past. I have a lot of holes in my own memory about family events, especially those that date pretty far back. My grandmother is a repository of family history. I am glad someone is. It someday could be me if I pay strict attention and absorb all her lore.