Scrapping Whispers

Summer Layout Ideas

Scrapbooking can be a challenge if you want to implement new ideas and not make every page look the same. You are always wracking your brain for concepts to highlight your photos. New color schemes and decorative embellishments make them come alive. The whole book becomes a personal work of art. I knew when I am successful when I show friends the results and they praise it to the skies. While everyone likes to scrapbook, not everyone has the knack. It takes a steady hand to cut out designs and borders and a creative eye. That’s what I like about it. You are always starting fresh. You want interesting layouts, eye-popping backgrounds, and a mix of photo collages. It is not a matter of trial and error or imitating what you have done before, no matter how adept. You want new ideas to populate your scrapbook so each one is a treasure from your artistic mind.

Right now I am placing photos of typical summer activities because that is what is happening now. Each season has its place in the scrapbook and it has to be unique and stand out. Paging through my books should be fun and engaging. I want to hear more than a few “wows.” Now that I am working on some beach outings, I have appropriated photos of beach towels as accents. The best ones are striped and exhibit a rainbow of vibrant colors. This sets off any ordinary photos of people wading in the water or strolling along the beach. It makes for interesting patterns as backgrounds. It is also great for the theme and brings it alive.

I have a number of special beach towels and somehow they manage to get themselves into my photos. Besides the striped one that is my favorite I have a super large one with shells and starfish on it that is also a great background in my scrapbook. So I use both. The beach is a frequent outing in my family and with my friends so I have plenty to fill my pages.

Now I am on the lookout for new towels that are super lively and fun for next season. I want to be ready ahead of time. I am looking for something really different. Remember my rule, never repeat the same look more than once. I can combine the towels with beach umbrellas and tents and make little scenarios. It all looks great next to photos of the water which is on any page a point of scenic concentration. It is wonderful if I can get group shots of kids playing in the waves or maybe even catch a glimpse of a sailboat gliding by. The beach is full of potential which makes it a highlight of my scrapbook along with all the usual holiday fare. Birthdays are tops. If they can take place at the beach well you can kill two birds with one stone. Think all the colorful hats, decorative crepe paper, and theme favors for the guests like pails for digging sand.