Scrapping Whispers

Pages that Make a Splash

Every season brings new photos of activities that express family time together. I want to include them in my scrapbook of course and make the layout attractive and festive. After years of scrapbooking, I have used every possible idea in the world. You can get direction on line and buy paper and glue at the stationer store. Papers come in all textures and thicknesses, but I like to adorn my pages with simple cutouts and drawings appropriate to the photos to be mounted. I try to keep things seasonal so there is an order to my work and the results have a certain logical focus. People enjoy viewing my books and lord knows I have dozens of them. I have tracked the family from the very beginning, especially special events, celebrations, and outings. I want the kids to be able to look back fondly at their youth and to remember what we were like long ago.

Meanwhile we are in the present and the book is full of recent mementos. It is summertime and I glory in making big yellow suns, puffy white clouds, and green lawns. In the center of one lawn is an above ground pool, the one in our back yard. It is always filled with kids in the summer and the many photos I have taken attest to this fact. It is a locus of neighborhood fun in the sun. Kids can never get enough of swimming and I try to make it special. I have lemonade and iced tea for the children and sodas for visiting adults. I always want help with supervision and to make sure there is a high level of water safety. I bring out cookies and snacks when the kids take a break. In the evening there will be a poolside barbecue for anyone who wants to stay. It is a consummate summer day and I have captured it on a page in my scrapbook. Each page of this nature is special to me and marks a happy time in our lives.

The pool makes a great backdrop for photos and I get up close to capture the kids’ smiling faces. I watch them dive into the pool from the side when there is no one around to get in their way. Then they splash about and tease one another with a gentle dunking here and there in fun. Fall will be coming soon and I will be shifting gears to a different theme that includes many holidays from Halloween to Thanksgiving and eventually Christmas. So the pool will be covered and the lawn chairs put away after Indian summer and the house will be filled with new decorations. I am not sure which time of year I like the best. Each season has so much to offer. The kids love living it up in the outdoors and reluctantly get out their parkas for late fall. Come October, the air gets a bit nippy. Memories of playing in the pool slowly fade.