Scrapping Whispers

One Versatile Tool

Scrapbooking is just about the best way I can spend my leisure time. In fact, it is so absorbing that it can be my main activity, not just a peripheral one. It can spill over from weekends to weekdays in a flash. Over the years, this hobby has become really sophisticated. You don’t just paste things in a book anymore and add a few captions. Each page must now be a work of art.

It is a challenge to fill a page well, but there is a vast amount of help out there. You can get loads of ideas on the Web or from viewing others’ scrapbooks. You can buy kits that cover all life events such as births, marriage, anniversaries, and more. You can get holiday themed items for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. You can certainly make your own symbols and images or use readymades. The paper world is your oyster.

It is all about being creative, but retaining the flavor of your family and friends so they are represented photographically in the best possible light. If you like humor, there are ways to tickle any funny bone. If you want romantic or elegant, then so be it. A scrapbook can change its tone with the seasons and express emotions in a concise and concrete way. It is a window into your family’s soul.

In essence, a good scrapbook builds mementos to the past. It also safeguards precious photographic memories for posterity. The best can wield a pair of scissors like a pro, not to mention one handy combo tool called a plier stapler. People see the finished product, but a lot of skill goes into its making. Dexterity is required: a steady hand and an experienced grip. You have to know what device produces the results desired.

Take the aforementioned custom dual stapler. This item is super versatile and you can work with different materials easily—even thick paper or cardboard. Ribbon is a breeze. You can use colored and or metallic-hued staples that will provide great decorative accents or even give the look of authentic stitching suitable for sports equipment like baseballs and footballs. What fun! Kids will love helping out on this project.

It can be attractive to create a photo frame with your stapler (and you’ve got the built-in pliers to pull out any mistakes!). Doing crafts has few limits. While your page looks great, all your images and accents will stay in place. Glue is pretty reliable, but tape isn’t. After a bit of trial and error, you will know what works.

There are numerous tricks of the trade that will fill many future blogs. Let me say for now that if you haven’t indulged in scrapbooking, you are in for a real treat. You can start by acquiring basic tools like scissors and a stapler, plus an assortment of odds and ends like paper, stickers, and borders. The idea is to experiment and go out of the normal bounds. It will all come together for you as you organize your photos by theme, date, or holiday.