Scrapping Whispers

Make Something, Make a Mess

The kid in all of us likes to make a mess. What a delirious feeling to have things strewn about in no particular order and to relish in their nearness. This could happen in the kitchen with the makings of tonight’s dinner or it could be your latest scrapbooking session. The fun is visually apparent in all the odds and ends on the table, and cleaning up is an unenviable chore.

Let’s look into scrapbooking a little more. You get to cut and paste to your heart’s content. You get to make magic from bits and pieces of paper and assorted embellishments like glitter and sequins. You can save your favorite photos for posterity in style. Plus you have a great pastime in the process. It is an art as well as a craft that takes patience, ideas, and skill. Looking at a group of colored forms may seem like a mess to others, but it is your inspiration. So let the creative juices flow!

After your handiwork is done for the day, why not leave it all there for tomorrow. If you must toss the refuse of your efforts, especially because you are using the dining room table, so be it. Sometimes the trash of scrapbooking consists of the tiniest things, hard to pick up and toss away. Don’t you wish you had a mini handheld vacuum to do the job, one so efficient that it knows what to suck in and what to leave intact.

People who are extremely orderly don’t know what I am talking about. They throw scraps away as they work. Then when they need an odd bit here and there, it is gone. There is such a thing as being too neat. Messiness allows accidents to happen, the good kind that results in fresh ideas for designs. Messiness allows for consistent productivity, not to mention maximum employment of supplies.

I am not advocating extreme messiness here, just enough to inspire great work that is pleasing to the eye. You might want to put out more craft supplies than you think you will need. Ideas come from your surroundings so make them full of options. Cleaning up should be done judiciously. Ever hear of recycling!

Creating something as simple as a photobook page is a challenge, especially if you have been doing it for some time. There comes a day when you don’t want to stay with your “look.” You want to head in a new direction and start a new trend. Great. Use your supplies for this purpose. Move them about until they speak to you in their colorful, decorate language. Close your eyes and imagine a blank page. Then animated pieces of paper start to march into place.

There is nothing as fun and diverting as a day of scrapbooking, take my word for it. Enjoy it in any way you can—neat or messy. Bring to it the spirit of fun and excitement that you want viewers to feel when they scan your pages.