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Creating the Perfect Scrapbook

Creating Scrapbook

One of the most important parts of scrapbooking is achieving a sense of balance. Way too many people make their scrapbooks look horribly busy, which is just going to make the entire image that much harder for anyone to process. Scrapbooks should ideally have a certain charming simplicity to them, and you will disrupt that charming simplicity by making them look too littered with items.

When laying out a page for a scrapbook, you need to decide on what the focal point of the page should be, or you’re going to have a difficult time organizing the page or the scrapbook correctly. For instance, let’s say you’re making a scrapbook about your cat. On one page, you may feature an adorable picture of your cat as a kitten. This photograph ought to be the focal point of this particular page. At that point, you can decorate the rest of the page with mementos of your cat’s kitten years, which should make the page look that much more colorful and cheerful.

You won’t need that many mementos, however, or you will fall into the trap of making the page look much too busy. Maybe including a piece of artwork related to your cat during his or her kitten years would work. Even something a little more clinical like an image of his or her identification tag could even lend an interesting touch. Lots of people will add something cute in contexts like these, such as stickers that relate to the kitten or kittens somehow.

It’s also a good idea to give a scrapbook a solid theme. Scrapbooks don’t have to be about themes that are so narrow that literally everything that happens in that scrapbook is about that theme, of course. However, if the theme of the scrapbook is too broad, it is going to lose its focus and organization. People who try to use one scrapbook to document their entire lives, for instance, are going to end up with a scrapbook that is much too broad.

It makes more sense to make a scrapbook dedicated to specific events from your life. For instance, if you’ve recently celebrated a college graduation, including your own, it makes sense to try to document the festivities. That way, you can explore this theme in detail. College graduation parties still tend to attract many different memories, and you will be able to present these memories in detail when you get to work on your scrapbook.

I also always think that it’s a good idea to play around with textures when you’re putting together a scrapbook. You don’t want everything in the scrapbook to be flat pictures, even if some of them are drawings. Adding some ribbon or some fabric can sometimes break up a page of a scrapbook nicely. Some people like to add things like buttons, and similar items that are fairly flat but are still more three-dimensional. Making a scrapbook is all about achieving a balance and striking the right emotional tone. If you can do that, you’ve got a great scrapbook.