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Summer’s coming, and that means many more memories will be made for me to put in my scrapbooks. The kids will be on their summer break, so they’ll be around the house more often, and we’ll be able to make barbecues in the backyard and invite some friends over. I can’t wait! We recently bought a new kitchen item, a meat grinder, and I haven’t tried it yet. The kids love sausages, they’re always popular at our family gatherings, plus when you make your own you can really choose the ingredients. It’s even a great social activity with the guests when they want to help and hang out at the same time.

These are some of the reasons why summer is my favorite season. There’s a certain headiness about the air in the summer that seems to make everything more beautiful. Another is strawberries and watermelons, and making lemonade every day. We have a lemon tree in our backyard and I love sitting under it, sometimes reading and sometimes scrapbooking. But with work and chores around the house, I’m lucky if I find the time to do it once or twice a week.

Scrapbooking is sacred to me. It is the time when I center myself while doing what I love and letting my mind wander while I create. Sometimes the kids assist me, if they want to draw a little something, or even write, but it’s mostly a solitary activity. I take it very seriously.

I have my supplies neatly organized, but my favorite pile is the miscellaneous pile, where all sorts of random things go, like mismatched beads, torn pieces of paper, buttons, damaged photos, or even pieces of fabric. I don’t keep literally everything I ever come across, but you never know where the creative process might take you and what you’ll need from that pile. I’ve made some of my favorite spreads from those bits and pieces, it can be very versatile!

Lately, I’ve begun adding some recipes to my spreads. I know it seems pointless and unnecessary, but I found it gives me a great foundation for building my narrative. It’s not like a recipe book spread, it’s more like a cooking blog, you know. With a lot of lifestyle and diary-like entries. I don’t know, I like it so far. I’m not an adventurous person, but I like adding something new in and trying things I haven’t tried before.

What kind of spreads are your favorite? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

Unique Page for a Unique Friend

No doubt you share my passion for scrapbooking if you have landed on this blog page. I have tips and tricks to share and no doubt I could learn from you. But, together, let’s celebrate this new art and spread the word about something both fun and challenging at the same time. I say this because it takes patience and the right tools to do a great job and avoid mere journeyman’s work. You want your work to be imaginative and not run of the mill. Each effort must be unique and appropriate to the occasion. For example, I want to do a one-page layout for a friend to show her love of hunting in a series of personal photos. I like to use cut-outs and stickers to enhance the look. You can make them yourself or buy them in kits. Don’t feel that it isn’t creative to use them because it is a great way to start out and get a feel for the craft.

My skills go way back to my time as a child exploring the attic and finding my grandmother’s old scrapbook. What a revelation. You want your own to be this memorable to your offspring and future generations. Every era has its own style and it is time to create yours and make it distinctive. You are making a scrapbook for others to view to stimulate nostalgia. I see them as future historical relics. Imagine that! Right now, it is a fun pastime and a way to keep your mementos intact. Gone are the days of boxes of assorted items in no particular order. While we do keep our photos in libraries on our computers, it is in no way as much fun as viewing an artful scrapbook.

Now back to my friend’s page. Actually, it is a gift for her scrapbook so it has to be extra special. She has given me all sorts of images from which I can select the best. I arrange them in a collage design overlying some animal print background paper. This makes the central focus of her experience the highlight of the page while the theme is reiterated in the details. I work extra hard to make it attractive and perfect. I want it to be a pleasant surprise. When finished, I am going to frame it so it stays pristine until she inserts it into her scrapbook or puts it on the wall.

Ever inventive, I buy a magnetic frame with a secret display place in mind. As a huntress, she often cleans her guns, taking her to the gun safe in the basement. She told me she bought it from here: I see her descending to get ready for the upcoming trip and noticing something attached to the side. There will be my scrapbook page in its frame winking at her like a beacon of love. She will utter a sigh of pleasure as she notices who it is from. She will call me in a flash and thank me profusely. It will be an utter joy to hear her reaction.

Winter Wonderland Spreads

It was the middle of winter and snow was all about, covering lawns and walkways and even the street. It was a heavy fall typical of our region. While we don’t like shoveling snow to free the car from the driveway, we do like a great day of snow tubing with the kids. We read the reviews and bought a new snow tube to replace the old worn out one. We also found suggestions for new places to practice this sport. Our heart is always in it. We bundle up so we don’t feel the cold. Who doesn’t like whizzing through the snow at a respectable speed. We always look forward to this trip. We take lots of photos for scrapbooking so we can select the best. Everyone gets into the picture. It is a family album that chronicles our lives. No one gets left out. I am in charge of making sure of that.

My scrapbooks cover a year or more so no two pages are alike. Yes, I have seasonal offerings but I vary the look of these pages with different cut outs and lettering. I am working now on winter wonderland spreads. I will use fir trees with branches dipped in snow, a deep blue sky, and rolling hills of white splendor. The pictures are interspersed strategically on these pages. Winter offers so much in the way of imagery. You can have scenes of the park off season or interior shots by the fireplace. Candles are symbols of winter warmth as our quilts and cushions.

Sometimes the kids want to get into the act and cut up colored paper for me as background. They cut the tubing photos to zero in on the people. It is a picture of fun and frolic and the scrapbook page radiates love. They are getting pretty good at it and have a good eye for composition and placement. That is the key to good scrapbooking. You have to have a sense of artistry to create a unique page that tells a story about a time and a place. Of course they have seen dozens of my scrapbooks over the years. They are a true archive of our family and we love going back over them from time to time. They contain our history in an artful way. There is nothing more creative than scrapbooking. Never think of just pasting pictures in a row. That is a dull way to go. Use your ingenuity to fabricate a storybook feeling. As the family grows and expands, so will the scrapbook collection. I keep them all in a special place in the den in a bookcase. Then anyone can go and look at will. Right now we are absorbed by the newest one and it is only half finished. Remember, we took a break and went snow tubing for a day! Soon the book will move on to spring and summer and the images will be completely different. A new page or two will be born.

Pages that Make a Splash

Every season brings new photos of activities that express family time together. I want to include them in my scrapbook of course and make the layout attractive and festive. After years of scrapbooking, I have used every possible idea in the world. You can get direction on line and buy paper and glue at the stationer store. Papers come in all textures and thicknesses, but I like to adorn my pages with simple cutouts and drawings appropriate to the photos to be mounted. I try to keep things seasonal so there is an order to my work and the results have a certain logical focus. People enjoy viewing my books and lord knows I have dozens of them. I have tracked the family from the very beginning, especially special events, celebrations, and outings. I want the kids to be able to look back fondly at their youth and to remember what we were like long ago.

Meanwhile we are in the present and the book is full of recent mementos. It is summertime and I glory in making big yellow suns, puffy white clouds, and green lawns. In the center of one lawn is an above ground pool, the one in our back yard. It is always filled with kids in the summer and the many photos I have taken attest to this fact. It is a locus of neighborhood fun in the sun. Kids can never get enough of swimming and I try to make it special. I have lemonade and iced tea for the children and sodas for visiting adults. I always want help with supervision and to make sure there is a high level of water safety. I bring out cookies and snacks when the kids take a break. In the evening there will be a poolside barbecue for anyone who wants to stay. It is a consummate summer day and I have captured it on a page in my scrapbook. Each page of this nature is special to me and marks a happy time in our lives.

The pool makes a great backdrop for photos and I get up close to capture the kids’ smiling faces. I watch them dive into the pool from the side when there is no one around to get in their way. Then they splash about and tease one another with a gentle dunking here and there in fun. Fall will be coming soon and I will be shifting gears to a different theme that includes many holidays from Halloween to Thanksgiving and eventually Christmas. So the pool will be covered and the lawn chairs put away after Indian summer and the house will be filled with new decorations. I am not sure which time of year I like the best. Each season has so much to offer. The kids love living it up in the outdoors and reluctantly get out their parkas for late fall. Come October, the air gets a bit nippy. Memories of playing in the pool slowly fade.

Summer Layout Ideas

Scrapbooking can be a challenge if you want to implement new ideas and not make every page look the same. You are always wracking your brain for concepts to highlight your photos. New color schemes and decorative embellishments make them come alive. The whole book becomes a personal work of art. I knew when I am successful when I show friends the results and they praise it to the skies. While everyone likes to scrapbook, not everyone has the knack. It takes a steady hand to cut out designs and borders and a creative eye. That’s what I like about it. You are always starting fresh. You want interesting layouts, eye-popping backgrounds, and a mix of photo collages. It is not a matter of trial and error or imitating what you have done before, no matter how adept. You want new ideas to populate your scrapbook so each one is a treasure from your artistic mind.

Right now I am placing photos of typical summer activities because that is what is happening now. Each season has its place in the scrapbook and it has to be unique and stand out. Paging through my books should be fun and engaging. I want to hear more than a few “wows.” Now that I am working on some beach outings, I have appropriated photos of beach towels as accents. The best ones are striped and exhibit a rainbow of vibrant colors. This sets off any ordinary photos of people wading in the water or strolling along the beach. It makes for interesting patterns as backgrounds. It is also great for the theme and brings it alive.

I have a number of special beach towels and somehow they manage to get themselves into my photos. Besides the striped one that is my favorite I have a super large one with shells and starfish on it that is also a great background in my scrapbook. So I use both. The beach is a frequent outing in my family and with my friends so I have plenty to fill my pages.

Now I am on the lookout for new towels that are super lively and fun for next season. I want to be ready ahead of time. I am looking for something really different. Remember my rule, never repeat the same look more than once. I can combine the towels with beach umbrellas and tents and make little scenarios. It all looks great next to photos of the water which is on any page a point of scenic concentration. It is wonderful if I can get group shots of kids playing in the waves or maybe even catch a glimpse of a sailboat gliding by. The beach is full of potential which makes it a highlight of my scrapbook along with all the usual holiday fare. Birthdays are tops. If they can take place at the beach well you can kill two birds with one stone. Think all the colorful hats, decorative crepe paper, and theme favors for the guests like pails for digging sand.

Taking Care of Family

A person who enjoys scrapbooking, also enjoys documenting family life on a regular basis. They don’t want important good times to slip through the cracks. Being domestic and wanting to take care of family go hand in hand, don’t you think. Of course, taking care of one’s family entails far more than placing photos artfully in an album. There is a myriad of responsibilities. I, for one, am in charge of my ailing grandmother who hasn’t been doing well since she transitioned to a new blood pressure medication. My job is to take her blood pressure daily and enter it into a log so I can report back to the doctor on the efficacy of the drugs. We have changed her prescription numerous times making this a very important task. I am happy to be the one to help.

It is important to get an accurate reading with your blood pressure cuff. Sphygmomanometers are the device most often used in the traditional form since you get clear and easy-to-read displays. They are of durable construction compared to other gauges. I know the wrist models are getting popular. They go on with a bit of Velcro, you position an image of the heart at a certain point in the wrist, and you press a button for a digital reading. Professionals use the larger units for their quality and reliability. They can choose between a cotton version or a nylon blood pressure cuff. You want it to be latex free for allergy purposes. Just be sure to buy a reputable manufacturer so you are guaranteed of longevity and accuracy. You want one that is suitable for your particular healthcare setting. If you get one of the newer designs, you will be ahead of the curve. In any case, use something comfortable for a senior citizen. You won’t want to have to keep repeating the measurement if you are not doing it right. Have someone show you how to take a blood pressure reading at least one time.

At first I tried a couple of different units and took ten readings over the course of a day. I compared the results with the different brands looking for repetitive accuracy. My grandmother is super important to me and I don’t want to be party to any mistakes in judging her medication. I am thrilled when I see her rally and she is able to assist me with my scrapbooking because she feels up to it. She is a great judge of what photos should be included and what decorative artwork should surround them. She remembers all the major family events and has a wonderful story to tell about so many. We sit together, once the blood pressure duty is over, and talk about the past. I have a lot of holes in my own memory about family events, especially those that date pretty far back. My grandmother is a repository of family history. I am glad someone is. It someday could be me if I pay strict attention and absorb all her lore.

Turning Cheap Wine into Good Wine

Who says scrapbookers are wasteful. Sure they throw away extra paper and odds and ends, but overall they are a rather thrifty bunch. Do it yourself types generally are! I am proud to say that I qualify hands down. Take wine, for example. It is one of my passions apart from cutting and pasting, and I spend a few bucks now and then. However, sometimes you have to draw the line on price per bottle since it quickly adds up. Unless it is a super special occasion meriting a decent layout of funds, you can use my favorite trick: a pretty wine decanter.

You can get these gems in any department store or specialty shop from pretty cheap to pretty expensive. In terms of what I have to say here about saving money on wine, I am referring to a basic style with or without a lid (which can get broken). You have no doubt seen those Italian wine decanters for Chianti that are pretty modest and only cost a few dollars. Try upping the ante and spending more to get a better grade. If it is really nice, you can display it. It doesn’t have to be cut crystal, mind you, just something that can pass for the real thing. Think of it as an investment that will last, and be reused, over time.

Here’s the thing. The wine (fairly cheap, remember) will look great in the decanter and people will never be able to guess the original price. No label means no information to read. It’s not that it’s a state secret. Your excuse is that you want to entertain in style. Using a decanter also means that your average wine can breathe in its new surroundings outside the bottle and may even taste better as a result…or so they say.

So you have two reasons to serve wine for parties or guests in a decanter. If someone asks for the original bottle, tell them it is already in the recycling bin. So, if that is the end of the discussion, you will have, in fact, turned cheap wine, into good. You will have shown your fabulous ingenuity, the same kind that helps you devise ever new and wonderful scrapbook pages for special events.

If you do go out and buy a really good bottle of wine, or are given one, and an occasion arises, by all means tote it out for all to see. Leave it with the label in full view. You can even talk about the great harvest and year or describe the nutty and fruity oaky taste. This way, when you serve the decanter-filled wine, people will absolutely believe it is the best. You will never tarnish your newfound reputation.

If you love wine as I do, you will want to include it at the dining table when you cook for others or when you just have a wine and cheese party. I find it essential, along with beer, for most social occasions. To take a tip from me, and make it a staple of your entertaining. You can do so with my secret strategy.

One Versatile Tool

Scrapbooking is just about the best way I can spend my leisure time. In fact, it is so absorbing that it can be my main activity, not just a peripheral one. It can spill over from weekends to weekdays in a flash. Over the years, this hobby has become really sophisticated. You don’t just paste things in a book anymore and add a few captions. Each page must now be a work of art.

It is a challenge to fill a page well, but there is a vast amount of help out there. You can get loads of ideas on the Web or from viewing others’ scrapbooks. You can buy kits that cover all life events such as births, marriage, anniversaries, and more. You can get holiday themed items for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. You can certainly make your own symbols and images or use readymades. The paper world is your oyster.

It is all about being creative, but retaining the flavor of your family and friends so they are represented photographically in the best possible light. If you like humor, there are ways to tickle any funny bone. If you want romantic or elegant, then so be it. A scrapbook can change its tone with the seasons and express emotions in a concise and concrete way. It is a window into your family’s soul.

In essence, a good scrapbook builds mementos to the past. It also safeguards precious photographic memories for posterity. The best can wield a pair of scissors like a pro, not to mention one handy combo tool called a plier stapler. People see the finished product, but a lot of skill goes into its making. Dexterity is required: a steady hand and an experienced grip. You have to know what device produces the results desired.

Take the aforementioned custom dual stapler. This item is super versatile and you can work with different materials easily—even thick paper or cardboard. Ribbon is a breeze. You can use colored and or metallic-hued staples that will provide great decorative accents or even give the look of authentic stitching suitable for sports equipment like baseballs and footballs. What fun! Kids will love helping out on this project.

It can be attractive to create a photo frame with your stapler (and you’ve got the built-in pliers to pull out any mistakes!). Doing crafts has few limits. While your page looks great, all your images and accents will stay in place. Glue is pretty reliable, but tape isn’t. After a bit of trial and error, you will know what works.

There are numerous tricks of the trade that will fill many future blogs. Let me say for now that if you haven’t indulged in scrapbooking, you are in for a real treat. You can start by acquiring basic tools like scissors and a stapler, plus an assortment of odds and ends like paper, stickers, and borders. The idea is to experiment and go out of the normal bounds. It will all come together for you as you organize your photos by theme, date, or holiday.

When Did Scrapbooking Start?

When Did Scrapbooking Start

Figuring out the origin of anything is difficult, partly because the origin of anything is going to depend upon the definitions that one uses. Knowing when scrapbooks started requires people to define scrapbooks precisely. Scrapbooks themselves come in many different varieties, which is only going to make the definition fuzzier.

It is fair to say that scrapbooks the way people know them today would not be possible without the invention of photography. Most people are trying to preserve their precious and cherished memories, which will typically involve photographs. Many people confuse scrapbooks and photo albums, and indeed, the history of scrapbooks could very well parallel the history of photo albums.

The first photo albums go back to the 1830s and the 1840s. During this time period, photography was very expensive. People didn’t take photographs in order to commemorate random moments. If families ever took photographs at all, these photography sessions would take place during very important events. They would take the equivalent of family photographs, but they would not take photographs of their daily lives as people would later on during the history of photography.

The original scrapbooks were actually done for research purposes. The people that had the equipment for photography on that level, not to mention the funding, were probably going to need to be researchers in the first place. Some people might regard these as scrapbooks, and some people might not. Still, the researchers set many different precedents in more ways than one.

Scrapbooks the way we know them today are a product of the twentieth century. Many of the components of most modern scrapbooks are mass-produced items, and the mass-production of simple items became more common after World War Two. Hobby shops and craft stores are surprisingly modern, and these are all also products of industrialization.

Really, scrapbooks took off when photography became less expensive and people started taking more actual snapshots, as opposed to the carefully planned, artistic photographs that dominated the early days of photography. As photo albums became more common, scrapbooks also became more common.

However, part of the rise of scrapbooks was influenced by cultural changes. As anyone who has ever put together a scrapbook knows, scrapbooking is fairly time-consuming. You need to gather all of the necessary materials, plan ahead what you’re going to do, and spend some time assembling everything. I’ve spent way more than an afternoon on a scrapbook before, and that was for a scrapbook that I had already been designing in my head for a while.

You also need to have a certain degree of disposable income in order to successfully do a scrapbook. I don’t spend that much money on my scrapbooking hobby or anything, but between the hobby shop and the time I spend doing this when I could be earning money, the money is nothing to sneeze at. Poor people on the frontier could not scrapbook, especially since they were making their own soap and adhesives.

The rise of a large middle class occurred during the nineteenth century, and it become even more common after the Second World War. Plenty of people had more disposable income at that point, and they could do things like spend their disposable income at the hobby stores that were also starting to appear on the scene. Women staying at home and raising their children while their husbands went off to the office also took off during the 1950s. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t the default for most of humanity up until that point as well.

The women who were staying at home and raising their children needed to pass the time. Women at the time were expected to be highly dedicated to their homes and families, even more than they are today. Scrapbooking helped women pass the time, and being able to create scrapbooks dedicated to their children and family members helped women feel as if they were passing the time in a way that really mattered. Naturally, making a scrapbook is also fun, and it is way more stimulating than watching afternoon soap operas. It isn’t surprising that housewives in the 1950s helped make scrapbooking the hobby that it is today.

You don’t have to be a housewife to enjoy scrapbooking. I’ve met plenty of guys in scrapbooking circles today, and most of the women I know who scrapbook do scrapbooking on the weekends or after they get home from work. Scrapbooking is a modern hobby that has found its way into the world of today very nicely, even though its origins were influenced by historical developments that have a way of seeming very foreign to us today.


Make Something, Make a Mess

The kid in all of us likes to make a mess. What a delirious feeling to have things strewn about in no particular order and to relish in their nearness. This could happen in the kitchen with the makings of tonight’s dinner or it could be your latest scrapbooking session. The fun is visually apparent in all the odds and ends on the table, and cleaning up is an unenviable chore.

Let’s look into scrapbooking a little more. You get to cut and paste to your heart’s content. You get to make magic from bits and pieces of paper and assorted embellishments like glitter and sequins. You can save your favorite photos for posterity in style. Plus you have a great pastime in the process. It is an art as well as a craft that takes patience, ideas, and skill. Looking at a group of colored forms may seem like a mess to others, but it is your inspiration. So let the creative juices flow!

After your handiwork is done for the day, why not leave it all there for tomorrow. If you must toss the refuse of your efforts, especially because you are using the dining room table, so be it. Sometimes the trash of scrapbooking consists of the tiniest things, hard to pick up and toss away. Don’t you wish you had a mini handheld vacuum to do the job, one so efficient that it knows what to suck in and what to leave intact.

People who are extremely orderly don’t know what I am talking about. They throw scraps away as they work. Then when they need an odd bit here and there, it is gone. There is such a thing as being too neat. Messiness allows accidents to happen, the good kind that results in fresh ideas for designs. Messiness allows for consistent productivity, not to mention maximum employment of supplies.

I am not advocating extreme messiness here, just enough to inspire great work that is pleasing to the eye. You might want to put out more craft supplies than you think you will need. Ideas come from your surroundings so make them full of options. Cleaning up should be done judiciously. Ever hear of recycling!

Creating something as simple as a photobook page is a challenge, especially if you have been doing it for some time. There comes a day when you don’t want to stay with your “look.” You want to head in a new direction and start a new trend. Great. Use your supplies for this purpose. Move them about until they speak to you in their colorful, decorate language. Close your eyes and imagine a blank page. Then animated pieces of paper start to march into place.

There is nothing as fun and diverting as a day of scrapbooking, take my word for it. Enjoy it in any way you can—neat or messy. Bring to it the spirit of fun and excitement that you want viewers to feel when they scan your pages.

Scrapbooking and Smartphones

Scrapbooking and Smartphones

Scrapbooking has already become easier in an age where everyone can take pictures with their ubiquitous cameras easily. We always have plenty of snapshots to work with, and we always have plenty of different images to add to our books. Some people might think that the modern world has damaged scrapbooking, but I think it has only strengthened it.

I remember when I first got involved with scrapbooking. I would sometimes go through every single box in the attic looking for certain pictures. Even then, I often wouldn’t find a thing. I would think about all of these great images that I could add to a scrapbook about something, and it turns out that the image in question has been lost to the sands of time forever.

Today, if I lose an image, I can easily find it backed up somewhere in most cases. In all likelihood, I didn’t take too few pictures: I probably took way too many. As a result, I’m going to have to go through each and every one of those pictures in order to find the one that I want. However, I would definitely say that this is the problem that I would rather have.

A lot of smartphone images are still better than the photos that I remember from the 1980s and the 1990s. Polaroid photography was never the best. Today, it has become a thing of the past. To a certain extent, all modern scrapbooks are digital scrapbooks, since they almost always make use of digital photography.


The Future of Scrapbooking

The Future of Scrapbooking

While some people who love scrapbooks maintain that there is only one type of scrapbook, I’ve never believed that. I always consider digital scrapbooks to be true scrapbooks. Being on the technology lover side of the issue, I have to wonder what is going to happen to scrapbooks now.

I think it will be interesting when we are actually capable of applying virtual reality to scrapbooks. For all we know, the scrapbooks of the future will partly contain holograms, or they will partly involve holograms. I think that’s pretty exciting.

It’s also possible that material science will change, and people will be able to add things to their scrapbooks that they never had before this point. I have scrapbooks that are full of little plastic decorations. Plastic wasn’t even invented until the 1950s, and my random scrapbook about this house I once lived in would look like it was from the space age to someone from the 1940s. I, for one, hope there are space age scrapbooks one day.

The subjects of scrapbooks will change of course. There weren’t as many scrapbooks about college graduations before the days in which almost everyone went to college, for instance. Maybe people will one day make scrapbooks that are all about like on Mars or life aboard a space station. I tend to think that’s pretty exciting.

Creating the Perfect Scrapbook

Creating Scrapbook

One of the most important parts of scrapbooking is achieving a sense of balance. Way too many people make their scrapbooks look horribly busy, which is just going to make the entire image that much harder for anyone to process. Scrapbooks should ideally have a certain charming simplicity to them, and you will disrupt that charming simplicity by making them look too littered with items.

When laying out a page for a scrapbook, you need to decide on what the focal point of the page should be, or you’re going to have a difficult time organizing the page or the scrapbook correctly. For instance, let’s say you’re making a scrapbook about your cat. On one page, you may feature an adorable picture of your cat as a kitten. This photograph ought to be the focal point of this particular page. At that point, you can decorate the rest of the page with mementos of your cat’s kitten years, which should make the page look that much more colorful and cheerful.

You won’t need that many mementos, however, or you will fall into the trap of making the page look much too busy. Maybe including a piece of artwork related to your cat during his or her kitten years would work. Even something a little more clinical like an image of his or her identification tag could even lend an interesting touch. Lots of people will add something cute in contexts like these, such as stickers that relate to the kitten or kittens somehow.

It’s also a good idea to give a scrapbook a solid theme. Scrapbooks don’t have to be about themes that are so narrow that literally everything that happens in that scrapbook is about that theme, of course. However, if the theme of the scrapbook is too broad, it is going to lose its focus and organization. People who try to use one scrapbook to document their entire lives, for instance, are going to end up with a scrapbook that is much too broad.

It makes more sense to make a scrapbook dedicated to specific events from your life. For instance, if you’ve recently celebrated a college graduation, including your own, it makes sense to try to document the festivities. That way, you can explore this theme in detail. College graduation parties still tend to attract many different memories, and you will be able to present these memories in detail when you get to work on your scrapbook.

I also always think that it’s a good idea to play around with textures when you’re putting together a scrapbook. You don’t want everything in the scrapbook to be flat pictures, even if some of them are drawings. Adding some ribbon or some fabric can sometimes break up a page of a scrapbook nicely. Some people like to add things like buttons, and similar items that are fairly flat but are still more three-dimensional. Making a scrapbook is all about achieving a balance and striking the right emotional tone. If you can do that, you’ve got a great scrapbook.

Digital and Physical Scrapbooks

There always seems to be a battle going on between the people who embrace new technology and the people who reject it. The debate between physical and digital scrapbooks seems to be an extension of that ongoing battle, and it’s only going to get worse. Some fans of scrapbooking don’t even consider digital scrapbooks to be true scrapbooks. Other fans of scrapbooking consider physical scrapbooks to be ludicrously old-fashioned, believing that these scrapbooks have been replaced. It is easy to sort these individuals into technology lovers and traditionalists.

Ultimately, the question of whether digital scrapbooks are better than physical scrapbooks is going to be a matter of opinion. Some people are going to like the look and feel of the scrapbooks that are physical. Some people are going to like the elegance and convenience of the scrapbooks that are digital. Plenty of people are going to be like me and take the third option, which involves appreciating the both of them for what they are and what they have to give. I like to make digital scrapbooks and physical scrapbooks, which are both physical in their own way.

For one thing, digital scrapbooks are going to give you way more options when it comes to giving them character and flair. You don’t have to go to the hobby store and buy as many decorations as you can find in order to make your scrapbooks look neat. You can just download more graphics or get different images. Plenty of digital scrapbooks take on a life of their own, which is partly a consequence of the fact that the people who make them have so many choices.

Physical scrapbooks, of course, are still going to have advantages that cannot be replicated digitally, as much as I genuinely like digital scrapbooks. For one thing, it is easier to play around with new textures when you have a physical scrapbook. You can create a scrapbook that incorporates soft items, jagged items, and flat items. Also, party of designing physical scrapbooks is going to involve gluing everything together and turning the pages. You need to make sure the pages are adorned, but still flat enough to turn. You also need to make sure everything is aligned on the page correctly, which requires some understanding of spatial orientation.

People can also hold physical scrapbooks, giving them a tactile quality that is automatically going to be lacking in their digital counterparts. Some people may consider this a benefit rather than a drawback. However, the people that really enjoy holding scrapbooks may miss that feeling if they’re just going to be clicking through in order to look at their digital scrapbooks.

Still, at the end of the day, scrapbooks are all about remembering important events in your life and the lives of others in an artistic way. Digital scrapbooks will get the job done. Physical scrapbooks will get the job done. You can be artistic with both of them.

Some people might say that physical scrapbooks may age better, given all of the vintage scrapbooks that we still have today. These vintage scrapbooks are important historical documents now. I would maintain that digital scrapbooks will also be important historical documents one day. It doesn’t look that way now, because all of technology seems so modern to people. Websites from the 1990s look laughably dated: they don’t seem poignantly historical yet.

However, I think this is just a temporary trend, and it is largely a product of the fact that we’re still so close to the early days of the Internet. People may one day get a sentimental glow when looking at old-fashioned websites from the 1990s. They may get that exact same sentimental glow as they look at the lovely digital scrapbooks that people create, especially since these scrapbooks will be full of things that are inherently nostalgic and sentimental.